Bill and Penny

Bill has a degree in Electrical Engineering and worked for the local power company for 19 years before working as a consultant. Penny has a master’s degree in Civil Engineering. After a brief career in her field, she became a mom and teacher for their three children.


In 2010, Bill and Penny sold their home in Callahan Ranch, purchased three four-plexes on Denslowe Drive, moved into one of the units and began Jonathan Housing LLC, which has become a successful business and main source of income for their family. Their first act was transforming the three four-plexes into safe and affordable housing for their tenants. Their goal is to provide a supported living environment for youth who age out of foster care, single mothers or anyone who needs a little extra support to become successful. As residents of the Denslowe Drive neighborhood, they strive to make their neighborhood safer and family friendly.

Since moving to Denslowe Drive, they have come to love their neighbors and neighborhood and desire to help break the bonds of generational poverty and addictions. The purpose of denslowe dommunity church is to meet the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of the people in their neighborhood.

For some insights, watch this interview:

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