core values

denslowe community church (dcc) is an urban church in the community, of the community and for the community. We believe church to be people brought together around a common faith in Jesus with the purpose of reconciling a lost world to God and transforming lives. denslowe community church  desires to meet the spiritual, physical, emotional and social needs of our neighbors within a partnership framework. Our guiding principles are:

  • We will do all we do in light of the Gospel and eternity with Jesus at the center
  • We will seek first to listen and understand
  • We will not do for others what they can do or could have done for themselves
  • We will focus on affirming dignity
  • We will serve and lead from a place or brokenness and interdependence realizing we are not superior to those we serve
  • We will partner with our neighborhoods and with our suburban neighbors for our common good

denslowe community church is focused on being relevant to our community and as such is made up primarily of people from our community. It is our desire that most of our attendees will walk to Sunday morning worship services which will be an extension of living in community. We have a seven day presence in the community and desire dcc’s Sunday morning worship experience to simply be part of sharing life’s journey.  denslowe community church functions similar to a parish as all the people who live near will be ours to care for.

denslowe community church has a replication mindset. Our initial growth has been based on people from the neighborhood joining our fellowship. This growth has been accomplished by developing relationships with key neighbors who have neighborhood influence.  We also use events like harvest parties and Easter egg hunts to engage with our neighbors. Our vision is for growth by replication–small neighborhood churches. This vision will be accomplished by discipling and developing leaders from within the neighborhood or adjacent neighborhoods with the express purpose of replication.

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