Disciple NV

Disciple NV is a loose collective of interdenominational Jesus followers praying for and striving toward a mass movement of Nevadans following Jesus (a disciple making movement or dmm)–obedient disciples of Jesus who are making disciples who make disciples so that every family in Nevada has the opportunity to hear the Gospel in their heart language and respond to the Gospel until there are replicating churches in every community and of every ethne in our state and spilling out into the unreached parts of the world.

As movements to Jesus gain momentum, families and communities experience miraculous transformations as Jesus describes in Luke 4: broken hearts are bound, freedom for prisoners, release from darkness and oppression, sight for the blind and the year of the Lord’s favor!

All movements to Jesus are a work of the Holy Spirit and start with Extra Ordinary Prayer.

Below are some resources you can access to learn more about movements to Jesus (disciple making movements or dmm) and prayer.

Churches participating in Disciple NV:

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