Sails UP! series

On September 15, dcc began a new Series called Sails UP! The name comes from the idea that the Holy Spirit is at work all around us and it is our role as Jesus followers to join Him when we see His activity by having our Sails UP!. As we go through this training series, we will see that disciple making movements (DMM), which have started seemingly independent of one another all over the globe, have seven elements in common. You will learn how to implement these seven elements to keep your Sails UP! When we have our Sails UP! we are like sailboats waiting for the breath of the Holy Spirit to blow us along.

All disciple making movements start with Extra Ordinary Prayer. Below are some resources you can use to PRAY MORE:

Scripture Prayers for Unreached People of the World

Isaan Prayer Guide

 Scripture Prayers for Friends and Family

Scripture Prayers for communities–5 Days

Pray for the 31–Prayer Guide

Joshua Project

Below is a link to Stories to Memorize for PRAYING FOR FELT NEEDS (Lesson 5b)

Stories to Memorize

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